Privacy Policy

St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club – Privacy Policy

The St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club understands the importance of safeguarding the personal Information entrusted to us. We understand that we have an obligation to keep confidential personal information we receive. We manage your personal information in accordance with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws. This policy outlines the principles and practices we follow in protecting your personal information.

  1. Why does St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club need Personal information?
    • We require some Personal Information to provide services to you.
  2. What Personal Information do we collect?
    • Personal Information is collected that identifies contact information and emergency contact information and age demographics.The personal information that we collect includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following:
      • Your name and contact telephone number.
      • Your e-mail address
      • Your age category
      • Your emergency contact name and telephone number
      • Your mailing address, if we need to return funds to you.
  3. How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?
    • We collect information only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. Wherever possible we collect your Personal Information directly from you at the start of your league registration and through annual updates.
  4. Consent
    • In most cases, consent is implied through your annual league registration with us.
  5. Use of your information
    • We use your Personal Information to provide services to you. The St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club does not disclose your personal information to any third party except to the St. Albert Curling Club who may need to contact your emergency contact on your behalf.
  6. Disclosure of your Personal Information
    • Under certain circumstances the St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club will disclose your Personal Information:
      • when we are required by law to do so, for example, if court ordered;
      • If the information is already publicly known.
  7. Updating your information
    • Since we use your personal information to provide services and notices to you, it is important that the information be accurate and up to date. If your personal information changes, please inform us so that we can make any necessary changes.
  8. Is my Personal Information Secure?
    • The St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that your Personal Information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Among the steps taken to protect your information is restricted file access to Personal Information and use of a secure website.
  9. Access to your Personal Information
    • You may ask for access to any Personal Information we hold about you. Summary information is available on request. More detailed requests, which require archival or other retrieval costs, may be subject to a reasonable fee.
    • We also reserve the right to confirm identity of the person seeking access to Personal Information before complying with any access requests. For the procedure to access your personal information please submit your access request in writing as identified in paragraph 12.
  10. Can I Be Denied Access To My Personal Information?
    • In most cases, a Executive Members will have access to the information we store about you. However, there may be rare occasions when your rights to access your Personal Information are denied, for example Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) indicates that
      • your rights to access your personal information are not absolute; 
      • denial of access is required or authorized by law;
      • when granting you access would have an unreasonable impact on other people’s privacy;
      • when the request is frivolous or vexatious.
    • If we deny your request for access to, or refuse a request to correct information, we will endeavor to explain why.
  11. Communicating with us Via E-mail
    • You should be aware that e-mail is not a 100 % secure medium, and you should be aware of this when contacting us to send personal or confidential information or requesting us to respond to you by e-mail.
  12. Requests for Information Access and/or Corrections
    • If you have any questions, or wish to access your Personal Information. Please write to:
    • The President St. Albert 50+ Mixed Curling Club 
    • c/o St. Albert Curling Club
    • 3 Tache Street
    • St. Albert, AB T8N2S3 
  13. If you are not satisfied with our response, you have the option to write to:
    • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Edmonton) 
    • #410, 9925 – 109 Street
    • Edmonton. Alberta
    • T5K 2J8